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KEESY lake Garda

KEESY lake Garda

KEESY lake Garda: here is the novelty of 2019. Self Check in and Check out.

After a year of negotiation, Desenzanoloft and Keesy undertake an exclusive partnership for 5 years. It is not necessary to be our customers, but we address all owners of holiday homes managed directly on their own, bed and breakfasts and hotels from 1 to 3 stars.
We begin to find out what Keesy is and how it works and if you are interested send an email to:


Location: Desenzano Railway station
Area of ​​expertise: from Sirmione to Limone, from Bagolino to Ponte di Legno.

Those interested will be invited for a convention at the Palazzo del Turismo in Desenzano.

KEESY Lake Garda: how it works

Keesy offers you an easy and automated way to manage the check-in and check-out of your guests and many services to simplify your life as a Host.

You have a box at your disposal for the exchange of keys and receive the access code to be shared with your guests.

Enter information about your facilities. You can complete the description with photos and videos and add tips about the city. The more information you enter the more they will be appreciated by your guests

Your guest will receive a message to check in online through the web portal or by downloading the app and you will be informed of his check-in through a series of notifications

With Box Plus you have an added advantage: your keys are kept in a reserved box and your guest can pick them up at any time

Within the 24H validity of your booking you can go to one of our points and deposit the key in the box, using your personal code

Using the code received from Keesy, your guest accesses the Point to collect the key. If not online the guest can check in at the Point. You will be informed about your check-in through a series of notifications

Visit the website:

For more information on the new partnership call us or send us an email
tel: +39 (0) 30 7741707

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